Welcome To Chess Ideas Book  -  Michael Kusen
Welcome To Chess Ideas Book - Michael Kusen

Welcome To Chess Ideas Book - Michael Kusen

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Welcome To Chess Ideas Book - Michael Kusen
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Welcome To Chess Ideas is an introduction to strategy and tactics for the novice chess player. The ideas, principles and concepts that chess masters use are shown in simple examples including how and when to best employ them. You will discover: the three divisions of a chess game and their themes, when and how to best use each of the chess piece, the chess principles (mobility, center control and development), the numerical scale of values for exchanging chess pieces. The heart of the book focuses on chess tactics - the traps and tricks so vital to winning chess games. Five basic tactics: pins, forks (multiple attacks), discovered attacks, nets, skewers (x-ray attacks) are clearly defined with chess position puzzle exercises to find each of the tactics also included. Sacrifices, tempo moves and ways to combine tactics with checks and other forced moves are all illustrated. In a brief 40 pages the multiple illustrations on every page couple the instructional text with graphics for the ease of dual-coding concept learning. Welcome To Chess Ideas is the second of three books in the Welcome To Chess Primer Series. Welcome To Chess Ideas will teach you to, Help your pieces so they can help you, - as so advised by Paul Morphy, the great American Chess Champion.
  • Paperback: 40 Pages
  • Author: Michael Kusen
  • Publisher: Tandem Publishing
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0970464088
  • ISBN-13: 978-0970464088

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