Zagreb Chess Pieces – Redwood/Boxwood – 3.75 inch King

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This classic European-style Chess set features a king, queen, and bishop with opposite color finials. The true history of this set is somewhat muddled.  Many state this is a Russian Style set while others will tell you it was based on a design used in the ’59 Candidates Match that had games in the fine city of Zagreb.  This set with its styling looks like it came right out of the miniseries “The Queen’s Gambit”.

No matter where it came from…this is an amazing chess set.  Eastern European styling cues make this set distinctive from across the room.  The nice thing about this set is the set is one of the sturdiest set of wood chess pieces on the market.  It is made for the tournament scene, from classic time controls, to the destructive “Bullet” matches.

  • Traditional European Chess Pieces
  • Features a distinctive Russian “seahorse” knight and opposite colors on the tops of king, queen, and bishop
  • Redwood (dark) and Boxwood (light); Pieces are handpolished & weighted for better stability during play
  • Collectively weighs 2.425 lbs; King measures 3.74 inch tall with 1.57 inch diameter base
  • Complete set of 32 pieces (single queens); USCF and FIDE tournament regulation size

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