Brown 10 X 10 inch Magnetic
Brown 10 X 10 inch Magnetic

Medium Babul Wood Magnetic Travel Chess Set - 9 3/4 X 9 3/4

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Classic Wood Magnetic Travel Set - 25 x 25 cm, Brown Babul/Boxwood Chessmen
Part Number: magnetic-travel-25-rw
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Magnetic Travel Chess Set
Babul (Brown) Boxwood (White)

Zippered Black Canvas Box w/ Foam Insert 11 X 11 Inches
Box contains removable 9 3/4 x 9 3/4 inch board with 1 inch square
Also pieces store in top of pouch in foam with individual cutouts for each piece
Pieces are felted for ease of movement
Wood Board has Hidden Metal Underlay
Magnetic pieces are strong  and stick solidly to wooden board

King Height 1 3/4 inch
King Base 11/16 inch
Queen Height 1 9/16 inch
Queen Base 11/16 inch
Bishop Height 1 7/16inch
Bishop Base 11/16 inch
Knight Height 1 3/16 inch
Knight Base 11/16 inch
Rook Height 1 inch
Rook Base 11/16 inch
Pawn Height 14/16 inch
Pawn Base 11/16 inch

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