Roman's Lab 30: Master The Endgame series Part 2
Roman's Lab 30: Master The Endgame series Part 2

RL 30: Master The Chess Endgame Part 2 - DVD

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Roman's Lab 30: Master The Endgame series Part 2
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Featuring Rolling with Rooks and Pawns GM Dzindzichashvili teaches the basic principles of elementary rook endgames including the critical theoretical R + P v R positions that are essential knowledge for all chessplayers (e.g., the Lucena and Philidor positions). Shattering Minor Piece Endings GM Dzindzichashvili further examines bishops of opposite color endings, and discusses the general principles of play in B v N endgames. Slashing Advanced Endgame Tactics GM Dzindzichashvili analyzes several beautiful drawing resources in endgames which are apparently easy wins for the side with the material advantage. All of these examples are optically and esthetically satisfying, as the "losing side" pulls off the draw - seemingly against all odds and often in incredible fashion. Storming Victory in Irregular Endgames GM Dzindzichashvili discusses endgames with material imbalances including: defense based on fortresses in positions with Q v 2 minor pieces; Q (+ P) v R (+P); endgames with the advantage of the Exchange; bishops of opposite color endgames; B v N endgames; N v Ps; R v Ps. Warring Endgame Tactics GM Dzindzichashvili examines tactical solutions (including decoy, stalemate, perpetual mate threats) in certain endgames of type R v P and R v Ps; bishops of opposite color endings; N + P v B; pawn endings; and R + B v R.

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