Tournament Chess Set #5 Box
Tournament Chess Set #5 Box

Tournament Size Wood Chess Set No. 5 w/ Folding Board

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Tournament Chess Set #5- Folding 19" board - 2" sq - 3 1/2" King
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Wood Tournament Polish Chess Set & Folding Board

  • King height: 3 1/2 Inches Tall
  • Folding Inlay Sycamore Wood Chess Board
  • Board Measures 19" X 19" inches
  • 2" squares
  • Chess Notation around boarder for game review and study
  • Wooden Chess Pieces store inside
  • Chess Set is weighted & felted and made of sycamore wood.
  • Chess set and board is decorative enough to keep out at home
  • compact and sturdy enough to carry around
  • Durable enough to let scholastic age players use constantly
  • This set is perfect for both scholastic chess clubs & home use

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