Roman's Lab 56: Reverse Openings
Roman's Lab 56: Reverse Openings

Roman's Lab 56: Reverse Chess Openings

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Roman's Lab 56: Reverse Openings
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Roman's Lab Vol. 56 Reverse Openings 73 minutes Reverse Openings Advantages and Disavantages of playing The Scillian,Kings Indian,French,Alexhine,Philidor,Benko,Grunfeld Panov attack as white. On this highly instructional dvd Roman clearly demostrate through novelities created in his own games how to recognize an opportunity for white to transpose into openings that are played for Black with the advantage of having an extra tempo. Roman will also cover the disadvantages of trying to play certain black openings as white. Roman anwsers the rarely covered question Why cant I play my favorite black opening for white.?

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