Roman's Lab 92: Staggering Novelties
Roman's Lab 92: Staggering Novelties

Novel Staggering Strategies in Chess: Roman's Lab DVD 92

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Roman's Lab 92: Staggering Novelties
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Roman's Lab Chess Lessons
Vol 92 Staggering Novelties
95 minutes

Incredible New Theory in the Scotch & Accelerated Dragon and a Positional Sacrifice in the g3 Sicilian
On this dvd Roman and Rybka spent countless hours of analyzing to create unortodox and incredible positional sacrifice in the Sicilian along with shocking discoveries
in the Scotch and Accelerated Dragon. See how you can diversify in the very early stages of these openings to achiev an advantage.
This is one of the most instructive and creative DVDs to date so be the first to view this new unpublished material on opening theory

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