PLUNDER CHESS  -  Tradition with a Twist !
PLUNDER CHESS - Tradition with a Twist !

PLUNDER CHESS - Tradition with a Twist !

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PLUNDER CHESS - Tradition with a Twist !
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Plunder Chess.

If you're already familiar with it, just order away!

If not, we've seen an amazing variety of new themes on a classic game, most just don't work, this one absolutely does! A great variation and cool design. Easy to understand and enhances the fun.

What is so unique about the game of Plunder Chess? Plunder Chess is traditional chess with a fun, novel twist. In its simplest definition, it is chess that allows each player the ability to strengthen their chessmen as the game is played out. This strengthening comes as the chessmen capture and "plunder" additional moving capabilities directly from their opponent's pieces. For example, if a bishop captures a rook, the capturing bishop may attach to itself a "rook vest" that now empowers it to move as a rook on one future move whenever it chooses.
It is this unique "plundering" feature that makes Plunder Chess a highly addictive, "got-to-play-more" game!

Fits standard 2" or 2 1/4"

Chess Board, not included, available separately.

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