Foxy Vol. 175 176 177 Play The London System Like Kamsky & Kramnik
Foxy Vol. 175 176 177 Play The London System Like Kamsky & Kramnik

Foxy Chess 175 176 177 Play The London System Like Kamsky & Kramnik

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Foxy Vol. 175 176 177 Play The London System Like Kamsky & Kramnik
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Foxy Vol. 175, 176, 177 Play The London System Like Kamsky and Kramnik For The Tournament Player 3 Part DVD set-13 hours of easy to learn content The London is the new rage because it is a Legal way to cheat at chess. Why because with a minimum about of study it is very easy System for White to play and extremely difficult to beat. Playing the correct move order, you can achieve positions that are equivalent to playing the stonewall on steroids. The idea is you get a Knight on e5 and d2 a deadly Bishop on d3 aiming at Blacks castled h7 and a Queen that can go to f3 protecting e4 from Blacks Nf6 Knight then if needed can move to h3. One plan you can castle preparing an timing f5 or pawn storm if Black plays a weakening h6 target. Also you get a bonus your hemmed in bad bishop on c1 is exchanged for Blacks good Bishop on d6 by the route Bc1-Bf4 bxb. This is the exact plan I learned on the dvd to beat my chess program which my record before this was 0 wins 1 million games lost. A great opening to beat a higher rated player as I learned as a postal Master, I played against the London System back in the eighties my opponent was rated 1300. I struggled most of the game I spent days on each move and did not get any advantage. To make matters worst my opponent told me he just had brain surgery and started playing chess to help improve his memory. We finally settled on a draw I know I exhausted countless hours on this game and never made a dent. I now feel vindicated watching scores of GM's go down playing against the London.The 3 DVDs contain 13 hours of content that give you a complete 1.d4 d5 system. You don't need to learn all 13 hours to play the London but it is alway good to have a reference to go to if you encounter unfamiliar Black responses. GM Ron W. Henley Chess Instructor, Lecturer & Coach Author of several books & over 30 dvds 1.d4 d5 2.Bf5..... The most extensive DVD content ever produced on The London. Black will have a difficult time meeting the London. There are 87 games presented from top GMs like Kamsky Kramnik & Carlsen, lots of quick wins that are easy to learn. This 3 part DVDs are for all levels and playing strength from Scholastic players to anyone that wants to become a Master. Foxy Vol. 175, 176, 177 The London System Complete System for White 1.d4 d5 This is the most extensive Dvd content ever produced on The London. Learn how to Play like GM Kamsky, Kramnik, and even World Champion Magnus Carlsen Vol.175 Early History 26 Highly Instructive Games 4 hours Caro-Kann Exchange Variation Vol.176 23 Highly Instructive Games 4 Hours 23 mins. Black Plays ..Qb6 & ..c4 White plays 10.Bxc4! Black Plays ..e5, c5 & 5..Bg4 Black Plays 5..Bf5 6.Ngf3! E6 or 6Ngf3 Qb6 7.Nh4! Black Plays ..c5, & 5..Qb6 Classical Setup ..e6 6.Bd3!? Vol.177 38 Highly Instructive Games in 4 hours 37 mins, Classical Setup ..e6 Slav Setup 2..c6 Symmetrical 2..Bf5 Semi-Slav Triangle ..c6 & ..e6 Chigorin Set-Up 2..Nc6 and Trompowsky Reversed 2..Bg4

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