Gary Kasparov "My Story" 5 Volume DVD Collection
Gary Kasparov "My Story" 5 Volume DVD Collection

Gary Kasparov : My Story - 5 Volume DVD Collection

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Gary Kasparov "My Story" 5 Volume DVD Collection
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Gary Kasparov 5 Volume DVD Collection 502 minutes
In this unique series of films, we are privileged to learn about the struggles and successes of the 13th World Champion from his own unique perspective. The story of his epic journey from teenage hotshot to modern chess icon is chronicled in depth and with revealing detail. For the first time ever we go behind the scenes and catch the inside stories to discover the real Garry Kasparov.

This great new series reveals in detail all the highlights and drama of Garry's meteoric career, and the inside story behind his one-man chess revolution.
Garry offers new and dramatic insights as he looks back on the games, incidents and personalities that have moulded not just his own legacy but the future of chess itself. Along the way we will gain a rare look into how the strongest player of all time learns and improves. Every chess player will be fascinated as Garry explains his pioneering approach to attacking play and his unique chess theories of "material, time and quality".

My Story: Part 1 - Teenage Prodigy
My Story: Part 2 - Joining the Elite
My Story: Part 3 - Rebels and Renegades
My Story: Part 4 - Hitting the Wall
My Story: Part 5 - Rite of Passage

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