Foxy Vol 90 Von-Hennig Schara gambit
Foxy Vol 90 Von-Hennig Schara gambit

Foxy Chess 90 Von-Hennig Schara gambit

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Foxy Vol 90 Von-Hennig Schara gambit
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Foxy Vol 90 Von-Hennig Schara gambit

The Von-Hennig Schara gambit is one of the sharpest responses to 1 d4 d5 2 c4. It is an ideal practical weapon for the club or tournament player. Black opens lines at the cost of a pawn and goes on to the attack. White is being asked to defend at the very beginning of the game! Grandmasters do not venture this gambit very often, because they think it is too risky and as a result there is much unchartered territory to be discovered. On this new Foxy DVD, Andrew Martin suggests a repertoire for Black which will get your White opponents thinking!. He steers around theoretical difficulties by suggesting unusual move-orders. Expect to win your fair share of games with this fiery gambit!

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