Killer Dutch Chess DVD - GM Simon Williams - 6 1/2 Hours
Killer Dutch Chess DVD - GM Simon Williams - 6 1/2 Hours

Killer Dutch Chess DVD - GM Simon Williams - 6 1/2 Hours

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Killer Dutch Chess DVD - GM Simon Williams - 6 1/2 Hours
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The Classical Dutch is a fantastic sideline against 1. d4 that is guaranteed to catch your opponent by surprise.

The main lines of the Dutch Defense include the Leningrad Dutch with an early kingside fianchetto, and the Dutch Stonewall Defense with a closed center and pawns on f5, e6, and d5 however in the Classical Dutch black strives to rapidly challenge white for control of the center with moves like f5, e6, and later d6 and e5 building a dynamic pawn wall that puts strong pressure on white.

Grandmaster Simon Williams shares his secrets in this premium 6+ hour DVD, explaining key victories and defeats with the Classical Dutch - keys to success and how to avoid common positional and tactical pitfalls. The Killer Dutch - an innovative chess DVD that mixes strong educational content with highly entertaining editing. The DVD switches from a traditional chess DVD format with GM Williams explaining lines at the board with a computer, to exciting scenes from chess boxing matches, simultaneous displays, and ridiculous exhibition matches with human-sized pieces. GM William` expertise in the Classical Dutch is unquestionable - an exciting opening against 1. d4 that will catch your opponent by surprise and give you an immediate edge in the opening the Killer Dutch chess DVD is the solution!

The author explores the spectrum of exciting opportunities that Black will encounter when playing the Dutch Defense.
Follow Simon as he introduces the main ideas and theory behind The Classical Dutch.
Navigating through the DVD is made simple by easy to follow menus.
Simon conducts this tutorial in a 3x camera Green Screen virtual TV studio.
With a running time of over 6 hours, this innovative chess tutorial DVD is serious value for money.

Run-time: 6.5 hours.

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