Welcome Chessbooks 3 book Set
Welcome Chessbooks 3 book Set

Welcome Chessbooks 3 book Set

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Welcome Chessbooks 3 book Set
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Welcome to The Game of Chess, Welcome to Checkmate & Welcome to Chess Ideas 3 Book Set

Welcome To The Game of Chess Book - uses illustrated puzzles that make learning to play chess easy. You will learn the moves of the pieces, the secrets of the chess board, the three ways to get out of check, how to win by checkmate and more!

Welcome To Chess Ideas - an introduction to strategy and tactics for the novice chess player.

Welcome To Checkmate Chess Book. This book explores basic checkmate patterns to reveal the common elements that can be repeated again and again. The clear diagrams, simple language, personified chess pieces and puzzles will make checkmating patterns easy for you to recognize. A must for budding tournament players

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