Roman's Lab 29: Mastering The Endgame Part 1
Roman's Lab 29: Mastering The Endgame Part 1

Roman's Lab 29: Mastering The Chess Endgame Part 1

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Roman's Lab 29: Mastering The Endgame Part 1
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Featuring Armed with Pawn Endgame Essentials GM Dzindzichashvili teaches the important aspects of elementary pawn endgames including the opposition, and positions with pawn breakthroughs, outside passed pawns, potential outside passed pawns, and protected passed pawns. Minor Piece Endgame Weapons GM Dzindzichashvili discusses the general principles of play in bishop endgames including bishops of opposite color endings. Pounding a Material Advantage GM Dzindzichashvili presents the important theoretical positions that arise in endgames where one side has a material advantage, for example: Q v R; R v B; R v N; R v P; B + RP ("wrong-colored" queening square); N v P; and other material imbalances where zugzwang or stalemate (or avoidance of stalemate) are important factors. Pulverizing Pawn Endgames GM Dzindzichashvili examines the tactical aspects of certain pawn endgames - ones that do not adhere to simple generalizations but instead involve accurate calculation in their resolution. Examples include the Reti Maneuver, stalemate themes, zugzwangs, gain and loss of tempo, relative king activity. This tape is an advanced sequel to Armed with Pawn Endgame Essentials. Pummeling Success in Unbalanced Endgames GM Dzindzichashvili examines correct technique and calculation in the endgame using examples from grandmaster play. Examples include: R + P endgames; K + P endgames; bishop of opposite color endings; and unbalanced positions where concrete calculation and formulation of a winning plan is paramount.

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