Bobby Fischer Timer
Bobby Fischer Timer

DGT North American Chess Clock & Game Timer Bobby Fischer

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DGT North American Digital Chess Clock - Blue Black Bobby Fischer
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Bobby Fischer DGT NA Digital Chess Clock

The Bobby Fischer DGT NA (North American) clock uses 10 built-in algorithms to give a complete range of timing choices, plus elegant design to satisfy the most demanding chess player. DGT North America handles all chess tournament settings. Increment or Delay. Even multi-period delay settings are easy! Quick-set options permit instant set-up. Manual programming options are fast and intuitive and are automatically stored in memory. Of course digital timer is a superb chess clock, but it also times any two-person board game like Go, Shogi, Checkers, and Scrabble. All the bells and whistles, together with DGT's reputation for quality and accuracy!
  • DGT North American Chess Clock & Game Timer:
  • Increment or delay,
  • multiple pre sets.
  • Easy to Program.
  • TD Preferred tournament ready
  • Black & Blue Now

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