Babul Staunton 2.5 inch King Black Side
Babul Staunton 2.5 inch King Black Side

Wood Analysis Chess Set & Pouch- 2.5 in. K - Xtra Queens

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Babul Staunton Chess Set - 2.5 Inch King
Part Number: 028-babul-chess-2.5
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Babul Wood & Boxwood Wooden Chess Pieces
Standard Staunton Design
Set pieces are weighted w/ Felted bases for ease of movement

  • King Height: 2.5"
  • King Weight: 0.8 oz
  • Set Weight:  13 oz
  • Dual Queens for ease of Promotion
  • White Pieces: Boxwood
  • Black Pieces: Indian Babul Wood
  • Includes Black Canvas Zippered, Padded Storage Bag for pieces

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