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Pick Your 5

Set of 5 Chess Scorebooks / Notation Pads / You Pick

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Softcover Scorebook (Pick your 5)

Set of 5 Chess Scorebooks / Notation Pads Buy one of each of our Exclusive scorebooks and save!
Each Chess Scorebook has space for 50 games with 100 moves/game. Size of softcover 8" by 5"
New Colors for some of the scorebooks. Check It out! 

You will pick 5 of are softcover score books

Girl Power                                                              Pink
Pawn Power                                                           Yellow
Happiness is a passed pawn                                  Blue
Scholastic chessplayer's scorebook                      Orange
Tournament Pro scorebook                                  Green
Gray Matter Matters                                            Red
Grandmaster in training                                      Green
Sport for the mind                                                Org
Chess nut                                                               Purple

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