Modern Babul Wood Weighted Chess Set w/ Elm Wood Grain Floppy Board

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Rosewood European 035 Weighted Chess Set w/ Wood Grain Floppy Board
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Feature: 1 035 Rosewood Chess Set
Feature: 1 USA made Floppy Woodgrain Board - Rosewood
Modern Babul Wood Chess Set - 4" King
Chess Set designed in a Modern Art vein, yet pieces are distinct, easy to identify, and play similiarly to a standard staunton chess set.

  •     King Height: 4"
  •     Wood: Babul Wood (Dark Pieces) & Boxwood
  •     King Weight: 2.4 oz
  •     King Base Dia.: 1 7/16"
  •     Set Weight: 3 lbs 1oz
  •     Dual Queens for ease of Promotion
  •     King Angle of Resignation: 35 1/2 degrees
  •     Low center of gravity preferred by players
  •     Pieces are not "tippy"
  •     Pieces have thick felts on the base for ease of movement

Tournament Wood Grain Floppy Chess Board
  • Printed in USA
  • Large Scan transfer of wood grain minimizes wood pattern repeat
  • Thinner Mousepad, fits in tournament bags better.
  • Lays flat. 2 1/4" Squares.
  • Notation all sides.
  • Squares are outlined.

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