Left or Right

Left or right

Today I had a revelation about chess boards...weird, right?!? Was talking with my dad, the founder of the Rochester Chess Center and a man with quite a few chess accomplishments in his life. I thought I was the one in the family with all the great ideas about chess equipment but I have to give credit where credit is due. It was something that absolutely blew my mind. I pointed it out to some of the workers here and even called some of my friends in the retail side of the business and told them about it. Each and every person was shocked that they had never noticed it before. Something so basic that it should be obvious to all who sit down at a chess board. Turns out I had corrected this problem without even knowing it on our new thin mousepad boards. Lets look at the typical chess board that is on the market. See below:

Imagine sitting at the board ready to play the game. Look at the board closely. 90% of the people in the board are Right handed. So, you would be putting your scorebook on the right side of the board to keep your notation. Keep this in mind and look at the board and tell me what is wrong. You will facepalm yourself when you read the problem in the next paragraph

The notation on the right side of the board is upside down. If you are a “rightie” like me, you have to work that much harder to do your notation (which is hard enough) because the notation is upside down. If you are left handed, the board reads correct. I think the typical chess board was designed by a left handed person. Yes, people that are left handed are usually more creative and artistic. As I am writing this I still cannot believe that I never caught this in the past. Here is the funny thing...my new boards look like this:

If you notice, the notation is sideways. We fixed it without even knowing there was a problem. Would love to hear your thoughts. Am I crazy to think this or did this blow your mind too?
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