Improve Your Attacking Chess
Improve Your Attacking Chess

Improve Your Attacking Chess

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Improve Your Attacking Chess

Checkmating the enemy king is the ultimate goal in chess. In this book Simon Williams helps readers to practice and improve their skills in this vital area of practical chess. A mating attack typically involves a build-up of forces, followed by an opening of lines, often involving a sacrifice. Once the enemy king is exposed, it is either checkmated, or only saved at a great cost in material. The puzzles in this book are pertinent to all these phases, and involve questions of where to attack and what pieces to use. Topics include: Attacking the king caught in the centre; Central breakthrough; Standard sacrifices against the castled king; Chasing the king; Endgame mates; Combinative themes.

Paperback: 160 pages
Publisher: Gambit Publications (July 1, 2004)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1904600093
ISBN-13: 978-1904600091
Product Dimensions: 5.8 x 8.2 x 0.5 inches
Shipping Weight: 7.2 ounces

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